Free Counseling

I offer free one-on-one counseling to anyone struggling with doubts about God’s existence, God’s goodness, whether life has a purpose, the claims of Jesus, etc.

Whether you are feeling like you are gradually losing your Christian faith, or wish you could believe even in a generic sort of God but haven’t been able to overcome various objections and difficulties, I am happy to offer whatever help I can.

My purpose is not to provoke debate or advance a set of personal theological viewpoints, but to help you, wherever you’re at, to find more faith, more hope, and more love, and go through life with more joy and a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

Counseling can be done live over Skype or Google Chat (weekday evenings U.S. Eastern time are best, but I will try to work with you on a schedule), or by correspondence over email.

Drop me a note at and let me know how I can help.