Christianity Q & A is a blog featuring questions and answers about Christianity.  It is a personal project of mine, a labor of love, put out there on the web in the hopes that it might help people reason through intellectual objections that keep them away from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  If you are seeing any advertisements or copyright notices as you view the blog, they are not mine.

I got the idea for the blog from spending time on the Yahoo Answers website.  People post questions there on a wide range of topics, and anyone can chime in with an answer.  In the Religion & Spirituality section of the site, the two largest groups of participants are Christians and atheists.  As you might imagine, both groups spend a lot of unproductive energy shouting and talking past one another.  Nonetheless, some of the questions there are serious, and some of the people posting them seem to be genuinely looking for answers.  I started to respond frequently from a Christian perspective.  You can find an archive of my answers here, although I may not still agree with all of them; the further back you go in time, the less mature my thinking would have been (unless of course I’m not making any progress, or moving in the wrong direction).  Anyhow, as I participated regularly, I soon found myself answering similar questions more than once, so it seemed useful to start collecting material in one place.

Because of this, Christianity Q & A might feel less like a “blog” and more like an encyclopedia of sorts (the posts are in no particular order, you’ll sometimes find that earlier posts have been edited to link them to later ones).  Its purpose is simply to deal with the various intellectual difficulties and objections that stand in the way of coming to faith in Jesus. Actually living life in a way that reflects such a faith, of course, is an entirely different matter.  I might eventually launch a second blog on that topic, something more about my personal journey and observations on life.  I am a 44 year old man, married with two children, living in New Jersey, and I work in hedge fund management, not exactly the most Christ-like of professions, so as you might imagine I still have a lot of issues to work through.

It may seem arrogant for anyone to venture answers on the kinds of questions you’ll find here.  So I would like to offer some clear disclaimers.  I have no theological or pastoral training.  I am not an authority on spiritual matters, and I don’t speak for any particular church.  I certainly don’t claim to speak for God.  I do take each question seriously (although not, I hope, without warmth and humor) and try to put forth the best answer I can.  I supply facts where they are available, and explain my reasoning, but reaching conclusions ultimately involves judgment calls.  In some cases, my own point of view is a minority one within the panorama of contemporary and/or historic Christianity.  Finally, I recognize that some of the answers I give on this site are wrong, but I do not know which ones.

I encourage readers to offer comments on any of the answers on the site.  I will respond to thoughtful points that are made, and in response to the most helpful comments, I may even revise my own thinking and/or improve the original post.  However, this blog is not meant to be a free-for-all debating forum; there are other websites out there already serving that purpose.  Comments that are disrespectful or simply unhelpful to the purpose of the blog will be removed.

Also, if you have any questions about this blog, or questions about Christianity that you would like to see addressed here, please feel free to contact me directly and confidentially at mike@christianityqanda.net.

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